Aesthetic surgery aims to eliminate the age-related or acquired undesirable appearances and make you feel happy with the new look of your body. Thanks to developments in aesthetic surgery, it is successfully possible to correct the fat rolls and folds (with liposuction), breast volume (with breast enlargement or breast reduction), and visible and disturbing defects (with cosmetic surgery) on the body.

The most important factor that adversely affects the healing process is the cigarette. Smoking may delay the healing of tissues due to impaired oxygenation and prevent the desired aesthetic appearance. To prevent the complication and diminish the risk factors, it is crucial to stop smoking and to follow the instructions of the surgeon during the healing process. The presence of concomitant disease and age are other factors affecting the healing process. If you are young and do not have any concomitant chronic disease such as diabetes mellitus, the recovery will be faster and more successful.

As with any surgical procedure, there is no way to completely prevent scarring. However, with aesthetic surgery, the scars usually occur in areas that cannot be easily noticed in normal anatomical folding of the body (at the fold of the breast, at the sulcus behind the ear, at the fold of the eyelids, at the fold of the arms and legs). Nevertheless, very tiny scars can be seen in some surgical sites (such as liposuction, face surgery), which are hardly noticeable.


Breast implants are CE and/or FDA approved and we choose the most suitable ones for you. Quality and certified implants can be more expensive than others, but with a better and more durable body fit, they make a distinct difference from cheap ones.

It is a matter of great curiosity whether or not a wound scar will be formed after breast augmentation procedure and where it will occur. The scar is formed, but in the fold at the bottom of the breast and will remain hidden in place, so it will not be noticed.

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