Our company named Go Thrace Organizasyon was founded in 1997. In Turkey for 25 years and we do tourism organizations in all countries of the world. We collaborate with hospitals in Turkey's most powerful health tourism. Coaches from outside Turkey in Thrace and our guests that we bring our specialized doctors in the field, we mediates health services.

We bring together our professors and associate professors, who are experts in their fields, with our guests brought from Europe and other countries. We mediate providing the most reliable health service to our guests.

Medithra of Turkey's most modern hospitals in Thrace region, where the health tourism is the only company doing this business professionally.

Why Turkey ? Why Thrace?

According to the World Health Tourism Council;

Health Tourism in Turkey is a country located in the top 3 in the world with the United States and Germany.

Turkey has come to the fore in health tourism with the existing professional staff and technological infrastructure. diagnostic services and treatment charges in Turkey, high

it is much lower than most countries, without sacrificing quality and success.

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