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Please fill in the fields for information. You will be returned after reviewing the transmitted information.

  • Please fill in the fields in the form in accordance with the " Information text rules ",
  • Shipments with appropriate incomplete information will not be considered,
  • For shipments that have been evaluated, the sender will be notified with the "Inspected" notification. Subsequently, the sender will be contacted through the contact details.

How can we help you?

For file operations, you can use the file upload area of up to 10 MB. For larger operations, you must use the WeTransfer agent.
Also the send area is set for a single file. We recommend that you send multiple file submissions into a ZIP / RAR File, or use the WeTransfer Tool.
To send a file, you must fill in either File or WeTransfer.
The file to be uploaded must contain a maximum of 10MB and .PNG, .JPEG, .JPG, .ZIP, .RAR, .PDF extensions.

Information Text on the Use of Your Personal Data